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You are welcome to take individual units for personal interest by participating in classes without receiving any credit i.e. without the need to complete assessments.

COST: Auditing = $15 per day  or $150 per unit per term (includes morning tea & lunch).

2017 Timetable

Term 1, 2017 (13 Feb – 30 March) units are:

Jesus and the Gospels (Tuesdays and Fridays 9-11.30am)

This is one of two foundational units that form the basis for all further study of the New Testament. Its primary concern is to enable you to gain a clear understanding of the ministry of Jesus and of the contents, themes and character of the various canonical Gospel traditions.

You will gain an understanding of the main shape of the Gospels, with the identification of major units, sections and motifs. Notable features will be explored in reference to particular examples, and the recognition of broader patterns and appreciation of the narrative as a whole.

Old Testament Foundations (Mondays and Thursdays 9-11.30am)

The Old Testament Scriptures tell God’s story with man. God is the author of history and he steps into history. Those who want to know god and tell of his mighty deeds must come to terms with the Old Testament texts. This unit will allow you to re-familiarize yourself with the Old Testament and provide opportunity to dig deeper.

Term 2, 2017 (1 May – 15 June) units are:

Cultural Anthropology (Mondays and Thursdays 9am -12.35pm)

Culture is the way that we make sense of our world: the way we relate to our families and to other people; the way we communicate and express ourselves; the things that we value and the things that we avoid; the way we organise our society and the occasions that we celebrate. When we share the Gospel cross-culturally, we need to be aware of how others will interpret what we say, and that means we need to have an understanding of their culture and worldview – and of our own.

Cultural anthropology is the study of people and their cultures. It gives us the tools to think about and explore culture and worldview, and it helps us to discover the unspoken assumptions shared by a people group. The ability to analyse culture in this way will help us to share the Gospel in a way that makes sense to people of different cultures to our own.

Church Planting (Tuesdays and Fridays 9am – 12.35pm)

This subject will introduce you to the methods, tools, and skills necessary for building communities of faith or ‘church planting’. A theological framework is developed alongside a set of biblical principles which should direct the sharing, walking and gathering process. Several models are examined and evaluated.

Term 3, 2017 (26 July – 8 Sept) units are:

Early New Testament Church (Mondays and Thursdays 9 – 11.30am)

There are two focal points for this unit: to consider the Book of Acts as a presentation of history, theology and narratite; and to investigate the contents, themes and theology of the various books of the New Testament.

Old Testament Prophets and Writings (Tuesdays and Fridays 9 – 11.30am)

You will dig into the prophetic books (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, ‘the Twelve’) and the writings (Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Psalms and wisdom literature) gaining an understanding of their content and character and the influence of their Ancient Near Eastern background. You will then be able to apply the perspectives you gain to current issues in Christian life and thought.

Term 4, 2017 (16 Oct – 29 Nov) units are:

History of Mission (Mondays and Thursdays 9am -12.35pm)

This unit will enable you to know and understand the history of Christian mission; the motives, methods and policies in the mission outreach of the church. The  emphasis is on gaining missiological insight into the activity of the church so that you have a framework to understand what God is doing in the world, why he is doing it and how you can be a part of it.

Doctrine of God and Work of Christ (Tuesdays and Fridays 9am -12.35pm)

Theological convictions and patterns of thinking – that is, beliefs about God’s existence, God’s nature, and God’s involvement in history – are at the core of human thinking past or present. In this unit you will explore the being and attributes of God; the person of Christ, his incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension and session; and the Holy Spirit. Then you will  be able to relate this deeper understanding to individual and corporate Christian life.


Note that audited units cannot be counted towards a Diploma or Degree if you decide to formally enrol in the future.

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