Education Centre

We’re quite proud of our purpose built education centre. This recently built…building…provides a quality environment for learning: classrooms, tutorial rooms, an auditorium, a lounge for small groups and a kitchen.

Computer Access

When it comes to the geek stuff, we’re on it. Worldview provides 24-hour broadband Internet access across the campus. If you have your own computer, bring it along. The more the merrier.


Most of our students live in self-contained two-bedroom units. These units are set up to house two single students, or two married couples (where student numbers warrant sharing), or one couple with two to three young children.

All units are fully furnished, having basic cooking facilities, irons, bed linen, crockery and cutlery. All units have reverse cycle air conditioners.  Communal laundry facilities include commercial washers and dryers.

We love having visitors. Provided there’s room, your relatives and friends are most welcome to come and stay.


Our library is stocked with over 19,000 books, subscriptions to more than 150 magazines and journals, access to a database of 1,500 journals plus a DVD and CD collection.  These are constantly being upgraded and expanded. You’re free to mine this academic treasure trove every day from 7:30am to 10:30pm.


The farm is an integral part of the Worldview program, providing opportunities for you to experience team work and, for many, a different lifestyle than you may be used to. Producing eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit is a cost saver for fees and the Centre budget as well as being good stewardship of the land available to us.

Schools & Child Care

The St Leonards Primary School is five minutes walk away.  There are high schools and tertiary education institutes and Christian parent-controlled schools in Launceston.

If your little ones aren’t quite ready for school, they can spend their week at the Worldview Play Centre. The Centre is open from 8.45am until 5.00pm providing day care while Mum and Dad study. The Centre is well equipped, meeting all local council requirements and is supervised by appropriate staff.



Dining Room

During each academic term, midday and evening meals are provided in the dining room where the whole Worldview community gathers to eat and chat.  Breakfast, weekend and holiday meals can be prepared in your own accommodation.


Most Worldview staff members are experienced practitioners who draw from their own hands on experience of cross-cultural ministry.  Residential and long-term staff are always available for advice on an assignment or a cup of coffee and a friendly chat. The Centre’s front office and individual staff offices are located in the Administration Block, along with the library and a 24 hour study room.