Fee Schedule 2018

Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies was established by WEC International, an international, interdenominational mission agency. Staff and helpers do not receive a salary from Worldview. For this reason, Worldview is able to offer a significant subsidy on the Australian College of Theology stated fee for all students. Tuition fees are set by the Australian College of Theology on an annual basis.

Residential fees are set by Worldview and are kept to a minimum both through not needing to cover staff salaries, and through our own farm produce which reduces the cost of meals. Residential fees are reviewed annually.

The accommodation and meals fee is due at the beginning of each term.  Tuition fees can be paid upfront, via FEE-Help, or with periodic payments.

All students and spouses of students participate in the community lifestyle, including the practical work involved in maintaining the Centre. Doing practical work not only helps keep costs down, but allows us to serve each other, to build relationships and to care for one another.

The ACT Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Degrees offered in partnership with the Melbourne School of Theology are Austudy and FEE-Help approved for Australian citizens and permanent residents.

A currency converter can be accessed here.

Worldview is a campus of the Melbourne School of Theology.  MST is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.  More information about ACT tuition fees is available at https://www.actheology.edu.au/tuition-fees/