Finding Meaning In Making

A visual arts program to assist you to creatively express your spiritual life

When: 18 to 29 September

There is a group limit to this class so book your spot right now!

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This visual arts program is for anyone who has an urgent love or even a little interest in creativity, or for those who might feel there is something yet to discover about visual art.  The course assists you to creatively express your spiritual life through development of your thought life and ability to discern God’s voice.  There will be private journaling, listening to motivational talks, play and experimentation, and creation of wonderful things! The cost is $250. Check out the brochure for details on session times and what to bring.


Your facilitator is Sheila Whittam.  As a leader and art motivator, Sheila is inspired by how absolute novices, with a bit of encouragement, can discover what they really can do.  Everyone can be creative.

Some of Sheila’s objectives are:

Recovery of the inner artist: finding meaning while you make
Discovery of yourself as a creative being
Discovery of your personal and creative inner voice
Gaining some useful skills along the way

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