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Worldview is a team of WEC Australia and ministry of WEC International.  Although long-term staff are members of WEC International, Worldview training serves the whole body of Christ and our graduates go on to join many different organisations.

Worldview adheres to the core principles of WEC International, namely:

Our Mission

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, with a sense of urgency and a commitment to work
with others, we:

  1. Proclaim the gospel by word and deed, so that people come to a living faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and become his disciples.
  2. Gather believers around Christ, establishing churches in the Word of God so that they make disciples in their communities and beyond.
  3. Mobilise for missions, recruit, train, send and care for workers in fellowship with the wider Church.

Our Core Principles

The following principles, known as the Four Pillars of WEC, are core to the way we seek to live in order to honour Christ and fulfil our God-given mission. We recognize that these are possible only through the indwelling Christ and transforming work of the Spirit.


God is worthy of our absolute trust. We are totally dependent on him as the supplier of every need in our lives and ministries. We trust him to fulfil his revealed purposes despite opposition, difficulty and apparent impossibility.
We believe in:

  1. The power of the gospel to transform the lives of people from every culture and background.
  2. The power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s purpose and build his church.
  3. The ability of the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s will and purpose to his people as they earnestly seek him.
  4. The power of God to supply every need in every situation, so that his work is not determined by circumstances but rather by the ‘great and precious promises’ in his Word.


God is holy and has created us in his image. Our desire is to please him in every part of our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Holiness of life:

  1. Brings glory to Christ as individually and collectively we live to please him above all else.
  2. Is made possible through our union with Christ in his death and resurrection.
  3. Is evidence of a Spirit-filled life.
  4. Is essential for an effective witness to the gospel.


Loving Christ is our core passion. The cross, with its principles of denying self and of losing one’s life to bless others, is a defining symbol of life as a Christ-follower. With Christ as our model, we:
1.  Accept a discipleship lifestyle, involving a willingness to risk all, placing God’s will before personal goals, comfort or desires.
2.  Are ready to set aside current patterns of thinking and standards of living, economic security and even be despised for the sake of the gospel.
3.  Seek to identify with the people among whom we minister. This may require us to accept hardship and loneliness, be separated from family members and from Christian fellowship, endure persecution, imprisonment or even death.
4.  Are willing to temporarily put aside a personal goal or ministry in order to fit in with the overall objectives of the team.


We are a community of God’s people drawn from various backgrounds and cultures, reflecting the diversity of the global Church. We are united through one head – our Lord Jesus Christ, and are part of one Church – those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth. Our oneness in Christ makes it possible to serve together as brothers and sisters. To live in Christ-honouring fellowship means that:

  1. Our fellowship is shaped by the Spirit’s transforming work in us as disciples more than by cultural or personal expectations.
  2. Our fellowship is strengthened by the use of the gifts of the Spirit and expression of the fruit of the Spirit.
  3. We make every effort to maintain unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, working together with openness and humility, avoiding unhelpful emphases in doctrine or experience.
  4. We strive to find the mind of the Lord together, believing that as we wait on God his mind can be discerned by the fellowship through the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  5. We accept, support, and submit to one another in mutual accountability and love.
  6. We value ethnic, cultural and denominational diversity and refuse any form of prejudice in the life and appointments of WEC.

Our Core Practices

The following core practices are an expression of our fundamental convictions about how God has led WEC. We function in these ways in order to live out these convictions and remain effective in the mission he has entrusted to us.

Prayer is a priority and integral to everything we do.


We seek to be movement-oriented with simple structures, accountability and a flexibility that can respond to the Spirit’s leading. All entities function in a vital relationship of fellowship and interdependence. Governance (leadership, decision-making, and implementation) functions at the following levels:

  1. International – the Leaders’ Council is the final authority of WEC International. The International Council is the primary governing body at this level. The Leaders’ Council elects the International Director and the Deputy International Directors and has the right to review all International Council decisions.
  2. Area – the Area Council has final responsibility for decision-making on areawide planning and ministry.
  3. Branch – the Branch Conference is the final authority for the branch. Each branch decides which governance responsibilities to delegate to the Branch Council.
  4. Team – teams at the international, area or branch level are empowered by their relevant governance body to fulfil their ministry goals.


  1. We value servant leaders who wait on God for vision and direction.
  2. We value and believe in the equality of men and women in leadership appointments.
  3. We value God’s appointment of leaders and affirm this through a process of election by those the leader will serve.

Decision Making

  1. We seek the mind of God together and make every effort to find unity in our decisions.
  2. We acknowledge the need to give the Holy Spirit pre-eminence in our guidance and decision-making.
  3. We recognise the importance of research about areas of need and global trends as we respond to God’s leading through the Spirit.
  4. We value the participation of those closest to a decision in the decision making process.
  5. We recognise that God’s direction can be discerned even when full unity of the participants has not been achieved.


  1. God has called WEC to follow financial practices which express that Christ is worthy of our trust for every aspect of our lives. We approach matters of finance with prayer and communication, without appealing for funds.
  2. We recognise that God provides for his servants in a multitude of ways, using whatever form, manner or time he may choose.
  3. We apply our financial principles in varied cultural and legal contexts. Ultimately an appropriate application of these principles depends on an intimate relationship with God, Christ-like heart attitudes, and the Holy Spirit’s confirmation through the fellowship.

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